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How to Play Slime Soccer Video

I have posted on how to play slime soccer in my earlier post. However, this time I am posting a video to show how the game is played.


Free Soccer Games: World Cup Penalty Kick Tournament

As you know there are many free soccer games that you can get on the internet. The search of the best online soccer game is a never ending task for me. From time to time, the list of my free soccer games keep on expanding and increasing. My latest exploration bring me to the following soccer game. It is a very interesting penalty kick tournament soccer game. The name of the game is World Cup Penalty Kick Tournament.

Game Rules

The game consists of three mode:
1) 2 Players mode
2) vs CPU mode
3) Practice mode

Unless you have a friend playing against you or you choose the practice session, kindly choose the "vs CPU" mode. You will control the player you choose from the 8 countries, namely Italy, Sweden, Germany, Japan, France, Croatia, Brazil, Spain. There is another team called Mr. X that you can choose from.

Tournament Rules

Each match lasts 45 seconds and players alternate taking shot. You have 7 seconds to take a shot. Otherwise, the player will take the shot automatically. The player will shoot directly at the goalkeeper if you did not aim at other direction.

The preliminary round consists of 4 teams including your team. You will face each team once and your objective is to beat all of them to collect the maximum points. 3 points are awarded if you managed to beat your opponent. While a draw will earn you 1 point; a draw happened if the score is tie at the end of the 45 seconds. To advance to the second round, you are required to collect 5 points or more. If you get 4 points you still can go through to the next round, but you must have positive goal difference to qualify. Anything less than that you will be eliminated from the competition.

Shooting Instructions

How to shoot - click on the smaller ball and drag it until below the goalpost. Release when to shoot, use the blinking arrow as a guideline.

How to shoot higher - Drag down towards bottom of the window

Add power to your shot - Release when small arrow flashing towards the goal is closest to the top and red.

How to curve the ball - To curve the ball aim slightly off center. Release mouse button then slightly before shooter's foot touches the ball press and hold the SPACE key.

How to fake out the keeper - Drag the smaller ball and release your shot then quickly before your players foot touches the ball click on the drag ball and swing it to the other side. Release mouse button as close as possible to foot/ball contact.

Goalkeeping Instructions

You can control your goalkeeper either using the mouse or keyboard. If you use the mouse, click on the four directions within the goal frame when your opponent is about to shoot. Otherwise, you can use the four keys to choose where your keeper want to dive to defend the goalpost.
S - Jump left (to save high left shot)
X - Dive left (to save low left shot)
D - Jump right (to save high right shot)
C - Dive right (to save low right shot)

The goalkeeper can move when the opponent start to move. Make sure your goalkeeper don't dive too early and the best chance to save a shot is to dive just before the opponent is about to make contact with the ball. Watch closely for the drag ball positioning, it can give you clues as to where he is aiming, but be aware of fakes. He will often quickly switch and aim elsewhere.

To play the World Cup Penalty Kick Tournament game.

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Free Soccer Games: Yahoo Japan Soccer Game

In the previous post, I have explained in more detail about Super Slime Soccer, one of my favorite downloadable free soccer games. You are able to play the game on your personal computer or laptop after downloading the game (to download click at below recommended link below the post). It is the one of the most interesting advance version of slime soccer game. The slimes characters in this slime game have special attributes and power. The power is used to help them achieved victory in the game. Different slime has it own special feature.

Introduction to Yahoo Japan Soccer Game
This post is about another free soccer game that I want to introduce to everyone here. Yahoo Japan Soccer game is developed by Yahoo Japan. It is a very interactive online soccer game. You have top play the game online at Yahoo Games Japan website.

How to play Yahoo Japan Soccer Game

This is a simple game and you can pick it up in just a few minutes. Everything about the game is good but the only setback about the game is it comes in Japanese language. Thus it is very difficult for those who do not know how to read Japanese words to handle the interface or choosing any options. Here is how you play this online soccer game at Yahoo Games site.

Basic Features
It is a single player soccer game. Basically, you choose a team and compete against the other teams. It comes in tournament mode, whereby you advance to the subsequent round after beating an opponent. If you are able to beat all then you will be crowned champion.
In another word, it is a knock-out type of competition.

Step 1: Select country
First, you must select the team that you want to represent. There are 6 countries where you can choose from.
1) Brazil
2) Japan
3) Turkey
4) Argentina
5) Italy
6) Germany

Step 2: Choose your tactics
After selecting the country of your choice, you are required to choose a tactic that you the team play. There are 3 types of tactics that you can choose from
1) 4-2-4 formation, your players are spread around the field. It gives you the strength in the both left and right flanks during attacking. Both wingers will move up and down until three quarter of the field.
2) 3-1-2-4 formation, this is a very attacking formation. 4 players are situated at the opponent’s area. It is the most attacking tactic among the three formations.
3) 3-4-3, compact at the middle of the field and also during defending. It is a more defensive approach to the game. How ever, 2 midfield players are going to support the 3 attackers during counter attack. They will drop back to help the defense when opponent have the ball.

Basic Function Keys
You are required to use mouse to move the players around. The player under your control has an arrow pointing on him. The player will move according to your cursor location. To zoom in closer to the player, you just have to point the cursor at the player or closer to the player. While to zoom out, point the cursor away from the player. Thus, you do not have to use the keyboard. To pass, shoot and tackle is also by pressing the left click on the mouse. Point at the place/goal where you want to pass/shoot the ball, then press and released the left click of the mouse.

Start The Game

Winning Moment
This is what you get when you win the tournament.

My search for interesting free soccer games continues and next post will sure have more attractive soccer game.

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Free Soccer Games: Super Slime Soccer

In the previous post of free soccer games, I talk about earlier version of slime soccer game and recommended one of the improved version of slime soccer that I discovered while looking for more interesting online soccer games. The Super Slime Soccer which was created by Mollerhoj can be downloaded to your personal computer. In my previous post I posted the link to download the game but did not talk much about the free soccer game. Today, I am going to introduce a bit about this game.

Super Slime Soccer

This version of slime soccer game has very beautiful and interesting background graphic compared to the plain background of the earlier version. The game play is very much the same and do not differ a lot. You still use the four essential arrow key to move your slime character around. However, in this version you will need to " space bar" for the slime character special ability. The special ability is the main attraction for Super Slime Soccer.

One of the most interesting features of Super Slime Soccer is that each slime character has its own special ability. Each time you uses the special ability (by pressing “space bar”) cost you energy. The energy level is shown by energy bar at the top of the screen. If you do not have enough energy, you can not use the special ability. The slime will regenerate the energy according to rules of energy regeneration.

So what does it means by rules of energy regeneration?
Every time you used your super slime special ability, the energy bar will reduce. However, you are able to regain back your energy level over time. When the energy bar reaches half, it will generate faster thus you are able to use your special ability again.

Some of the special ability is:
1) Archer Slime
2) Clock Slime
3) Ice Slime
4) Twin Slime
5) Runner Slime
6) Water Slime

Below is an example of Ice Slime in action, using its special ability. Ice Slime is able to make the ball to temporary float in the air. Thus, the ball takes more time to drop down to the ground. So when the ball drops back to the ground, you can take advantage of the situation.

Super Slime Soccer by Mollerhoj is highly recommended by the Slime Master. Go to download this free online soccer game right now. In the coming post, I am going to write more attractive online free soccer games that I have discovered lately.

Download link: Click Here
Watch demo for Super Slime Soccer

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Free Soccer Game: Slime Soccer Game

Hi everyone!
To those who are new to Slime Soccer Game, you can get information about slime soccer from this website. I also shared with everyone about new and old interesting free soccer games on this site. Occasionally, I will also write my opinion of the latest events that happened in the world of soccer. I love soccer very much and my life is and will always be associated with the soccer game. I watch matches and play soccer game (either is on the field or online soccer games) a lot.

All major soccer leagues in Europe have just started after a long break thus ended the boring period without soccer. My weekend will be very interesting again as I will be able to watch soccer on TV. So, those who follow English Premiere League, Spanish Premiera Liga, UEFA Champions League, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga and others will know and understand how I feel right now. Even though the season has just started, we can see plenty of drama. Chelsea and Barcelona are the early pace setter for their respective leagues.

Ok, back to the main topic.
Out of the many free online soccer games available, the one that really attract my attention is slime soccer. It is a very interesting, funny but addictive game. Slime soccer is actually a free soccer game that has evolved from it original version to many improved or upgraded versions. You can play World Cup Soccer Slime from the following website http://homepage.ntlworld.com/bartle/.

This game was created by 3 university students and if you are interested about the origin of this free online soccer game; you should read about the history of slime soccer from my earlier post. Furthermore, this is a very simple and funny game and it is very easy to pick up, therefore I have wrote about how to play slime soccer.

There are many improved version of the game but on this occasion, I would like to share wit all of you one of the improved version that I came across recently. I would loves to recommend to everyone; Super Slime Soccer. Super Slime Soccer is downloadable to your PC. You can play the game offline too. This version of the game is very interactive with many different mode. You are spoil with choices and it is a more complete version than the earlier one.

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FIFA Confederation Cup 2009 Updates and Review

Samba Triumph in a Successful Rehearsal of FIFA World Cup 2010

FIFA Confederation Cup 2009 in South Africa ended last weekend. The Brazilian emerges as the champion after beating USA in the final. In the final held in Johannesburg's Ellis Park Stadium, one of the venue for next year FIFA World Cup, Brazil were 2 goals down going into the break. Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan scored a goal each to give the USA team a comfortable 2-0 lead after just half an hour into the game. The Samba boy were not able to penetrate the USA defense in the first half.

However, everything change in the second half. Luis Fabiano scored almost straight from the restart. The strike gave Brazil hope for a comeback. Indeed the game change and the Brazilian keep up the pressure on the USA defense. In the 74th minutes, Luis Fabiano tie the score at 2-2 before Lucio struck 10 minutes later to gave Brazil a superb and magnificent comeback to win the Confederation Cup title. Its a story of so close yet so far for the USA team, they are just 45 minutes away from producing another great upset (just as they did in the semifinal against Spain).

The USA was actually in the brink of elimination after losing the first two group games when nobody gave them any chance to move to the next round. They qualify for the semifinal by the slightest of margin (virtually by goals scored). The "never say die" attitude of the USA team should be applause and set as an example by others. Here are the recap of the Confederation cup tournament concluded in South Africa.

Egypt surprise everyone after stunning display against the Brazilian and Italian
Egypt surprise everyone with superb team display. The almost held Brazil to a 2-2 draw, but Kaka scored the decisive penalty to gave Brazil the victory. In the second game, Egypt stunted Italy, the World Champion, after beating them 1-0. After the victory, Egypt was in a very good position to qualify for the semifinal but they lose to USA in the third games and end up eliminated from the tournament.

USA, The team that was almost eliminated but cameback producing one of the most famous upset in the history of football
USA ended as the surprises of the tournament. They were not given any hope winning the title and their participation just merely to make up the numbers. By no means that the USA team are a weak team but before the tournament begun I have mentioned that they are one of the dark horses (apart from Egypt) of the tournament. They play with cohesiveness and tactically very disciplined. However, winning title required extra quality and class. This is what separate teams like Brazil, Spain and Italy with the others. They have the additional edged and quality over the others. In this tournament, USA had shown that they are a very good team and not an easy team to beat. They managed to beat Egypt 3-0 to qualify for the semifinal. Then in the semifinal, the produce one of the greatest upset in football history by beating Spain 2-0. Spain was undefeated in 35 matches and with 15 consecutive win under their belt. It look almost impossible for USA to beat Spain but guess what! Nothing is impossible and Spain was well beaten 0-2 by the American.

Third place
Spain beat South Africa in the third place play off. The game was decided after extra time as Xabi Alonso scored in the extra time to gave the Spanish a consolation prize. The third placing game came into life only in the second half. The final few minutes of the second half were amazing and filled with excitement. Three goals were scored in the final few minutes of the second half. South African was 2 minutes from winning the morale boosting third placing match. But Daniel Guiza scored twice in a matter of 2 minutes to put Spain infront. However, there was another twist deep into the injury time when Katlego Mphela his second goal to put the tie into the extra time. In the end, Spain managed to beat South Africa 3-2. It was a great tournament for South Africa as the team played very well and above my expectation.


Golden Ball: Kaka has been awarded the most valuable of the tournament.

Golden Shoe: Luis Fabiano won the top scorer awarded with 5 goals

Golden Glove: Tim Howard won the best goal keeper award.

Player to watch - My choice
Clint Dempsey scored several important goals for the USA team. He is skillful and play with lots of confidence. I would select him as one of the player to watch. Mohamed Zidan is the other player to watch. The striker played very well against the Brazilian and the Italian before went of injured. I would like to give my thumb up to Jozy Altidore from the USA team. He is a young and promissing player with a very bright future.

World Cup 2010 South Africa
South Africa staging the Confederation Cup can be considered a success. The South African team played very well in this tournament and they show that they have the quality to compete in next year Word Cup.

Who do you think will win the World Cup 2010 in South Africa? and why do you say so?

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FIFA Confederation Cup 2009

FIFA Confederation Cup 2009 - A Rehearsal for South Africa World Cup 2010

The FIFA Confederation Cup 2009 is going to kick-off today. South Africa will host this year competition. The competition will actually act as a rehearsal for next year FIFA World Cup which will be hosted by South Africa. 32 teams from all around the world will travel to South Africa to compete in the FIFA World Cup 2010 Final. It will be a huge event watch by billions of people around the world. 8 teams from continents across the globe will be competing in the FIFA Confederation Cup. The competition consists of teams from winners from respective continents, current FIFA World Cup winner, and host nation for the next FIFA World Cup. This will enable FIFA t further evaluate the readiness of facilities such as stadiums, media center, accommodations and transportations for next year FIFA World Cup. Any needed improvement still can be done before the start of one of the world biggest and popular event.

Here is the list of the competing nations for FIFA Confederation Cup 2009.
1) South Africa - Host
2) Italy - World Cup Winner
3) Brazil - South American Champion
4) Spain - European Champion
5) USA - North and Central American Champion
6) Egypt - African Champion
7) Iraq - Asian Champion
8) New Zealand - Oceania Champion

The 8 nations are divided into 2 groups. In Group A, we have Spain, the European Champion and host nation South Africa. Both are expected to qualify from this group. Spain is on a 32 matches unbeaten run and rank first in FIFA world ranking. Iraq and New Zealand are the remaining teams in the group. All the 3 teams should not posses any threat to Spain and they should not have any obstacles topping the group. Spain should qualify for next year final in South Africa. New Zeland will have to go through play-off with a team from Asia to see who go through. Iraq already knock-out from the final stage of Asia qualifying round.

Group B consists of Italy, Brazil, USA and Egypt. Predicting the two teams to qualify seems easy, Italy and Brazil. But USA and Egypt are not easy meat either, both teams have the ability to produce upset results. Brazil seems vulnerable in South America's World Cup qualifying matches. Even though they top the group, it was a hard fought matches all the way. Italy does not seem impressive lately but they manage to get results to top their World Cup qualifying group as well. USA and Egypt also still in the running for places for next year competition. But Egypt are bottom of their group and very likely to miss out next year competition. USA is doing better are in a better position to qualify for nest year, which I think they should not have any problem with.

Group A
1) Spain
2) South Africa
3) New Zealand
4) Iraq

Group B
1) Italy
2) Brazil
3) USA
4) Egypt

Here are the mathces for the FIFA Confederation Cup 2009 in South Africa. We will be able to see some of the contenders for next year FIFA World Cup 2010 in action.

All he current headlines are devoted to Perez's mission f assembling the new Galactico team but this competiton will shift the attention from the two major transfer news at the moment Cristiano Ronaldo moves to Real Madrid and Kaka transfer to Real Madrid.

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Cristiano Ronaldo moves to Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo moves to Real Madrid is almost near to certainty as Manchester United website revealed that they have received a word record £80 million ($131.6 million or €93.9 million) bid for Ronaldo. The club has accepted the bid and the transfer should be completed by end of June 2009.

This is the statement from Manchester United website.

“Manchester United have received a world-record, unconditional offer of £80million for Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

At the request of Cristiano - who has again expressed his desire to leave - and after discussion with the player's representatives, United have agreed to give Real Madrid permission to talk to the player.

Matters are expected to be concluded by 30 June. The club will not comment until further notice.”

Florentino Perez is making his ambition to build a new Dream Team of Real Madrid and he is making his promise into a reality. The new Galacticos” team is on its way to completion but the real strength of the team on the field is still hard to predict. Perez has to understand that a football team can not sole build on attacking football. Perez must strengthen Real Madrid’s defense to make the team more balance. He will have to look for good and reliable defenders. Otherwise, Real Madrid will have to score more than they concede to win a game. Their weakness in their defense was exposed during the 2-6 demolition from Barcelona at Bernabeu in May.

Yes, I agreed that Barcelona played a very attractive possession and attacking football. But they do have reliable players at the back which can defend and attack. If Real Madrid would like to get more positive results consistently, they must include one or two reliable person at the back.
It is still very early to say anything yet as Perez is still adding stars players into his new Galacticos team. But Spanish league will surely be more interesting next season and it will still be a two horse race between Barcelona and Real Madrid. I am very eager to watch next season El Clasico, clash between the two giants of Spanish football.

How will the transfer affect United?

There was suggestion that Ronaldo’s deal has been pre agreed last year by previous president, Roman Calderon. The deal has been concluded long before this transfer saga (Perez ambition of assembling the new galacticos team) begins as he has been a long target of Real Madrid. The money from Ronaldo could be reinvested back the money from Ronaldo sale. Sir Alex Ferguson might splash out the cash to purchase Frank Ribery of Bayern Munich (£40 million) and Antonio Valencia of Wigan. United staggering £700 million debt might have played a part in the decision to accept Real Madrid’s huge offer.

I am interested to see whether Sir Alex will be given the money from Ronaldo’s transfer plus an annual transfer budget estimate around £25 million. Sir Alex will have huge spending power for reinforcement for his squad. Several key players such as Edwin Van der Sar, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville have reach the twilight of their careers. Ferguson needs to look for suitable people to take over their place. Last season has shown that Ferguson managed to integrate some new players into the team without these old horses. Players like Frederico Marcheda, Darron Gibson and Rafael have performed well when given their chances to prove themselves. However, filling the void created by the loss of Ronaldo’s immense talent may prove difficult.

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Kaka on his way to Real Madrid - Transfer Completed!

Kaka joined Real Madrid for a world record transfer fee

Speculation that Kaka on his way to Real Madrid has ended. Kaka has revealed that he has joined spanish giant Real Madrid on late Monday during a press conference in Recife, Brazil. The 27-year-old Brazilian have been signed for around £59m ($94.05m), which beats the world record transfer fee of £46.7m ($75.3m) paid by Real to Juventus for Zinedine Zidane in 2001.

Speaking at a press conference in Brazil, Kaka said: "I can officially say I'm a Real Madrid player. My professional link with AC Milan finishes now, but my sentimental link will never end." Major news media has feature Kaka's transfer to Real Madrid as their headlines. Kaka also revealed that the move to Real Madrid is also a decission to help Milan financially. The current world financial crisis has also affected Milan and the opportunity to cash in from the sale of Kaka to ease the club financial burden are most welcome by the club management and Kaka himself.

According to Kaka, Real Madrid is putting a competitve team together for next season. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Xabi Alonso, David Villa and Franck Ribery have all been linked with the Spanish club. Perez has the ambition to ptu together an all stars team to wrestle back the premiera liga title from Barcelona as well as winning the European Champions League next season.

If Perez successfully gather all the talented players on his wanted list, Real Madrid will surely be a tough opposition for any team provided all of the stars are able to gel together on the pitch. Titles are won on the pitch with positive result not on paper for the players a team have. However, I believed the team building around Kaka will go far in both domestic and European competitions.


Liverpool Going Into Financial Meltdown?

Words of Liverpool in financial crisis are spreading around like wild fire after accountants KPMG expressed concern over the level of debt being incurred by Kop Football Holdings, Liverpool's parent company, after posted losses of £42.6million. Most of it came from £36million interest payments on loan of £350million. However, source close to Anfield owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett dismissed any claim of financial crisis. But the Reds face having to offload a string of key players if they cannot find fresh investment by next summer at the latest. Hicks and Gillett might have to sell of the club if failure to get extension to the loan expiring July. Liverpool might have to sell Javier Mascherano for £22miilion part-exchange transfer to Barcelona and team-mate Xabi Alonso for £20million move to Real Madrid. Liverpool challange for domestics and European honours will be greatly diminished if they are force to offload their stars. After several season incharge of Liverpool, Benitez has build a Liverpool side with improved consistency, solid defending and excellent attacking play. They will be a force to be reckon with for the comming season if Benitez could get the money to purchase the reinforcement he needed, notably Valencia duo of David Silva and David Villa.

For next season, the question is not whether Liverpool will be competing in the Premier League and Champions League but is more of who is running the club (owner) and how it is structured. As a Premier League and Champions League contender, Liverpool posses huge marketing power which can provide good return of investment for advertisers. So there is no doubt that it will be able to attract potential buyers in case Gillett and Hicks decide to sell their interest in the club. Another way for the American owners to get some cash is to sell of their interest in their American sports franchises or cash in on some of liverpool's most saleble assets. The later decission will surely bring disaster to Liverpool as they will lost 2 of their star players, Javier Mascherano and Xabi Alonso. Selling both players without major replacement will reduce Liverpool title credential significantly comparing to Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal.

So lets hope all will turn out well for Liverpool as well as for English Premier League which Manchester United has dominated for the last three season. A more competitve Premier League is good for every football fans.


Kaka on his way to Real Madrid

Recent development has suggested that Kaka is on his way to Real Madrid. The deal appear almost a certainty. It will break the previous transfer record of £47 million Real Madrid paid for Zinedine Zidane. The transfer fee is estimate around £62 million.

Florentino Perez is still making his way for another major signing a part from Kaka deal. He is preparing to launch a staggering £75 million bid for Cristiano Ronaldo, the current World Player of The Year. There were claims that Manchester United and Real Madrid has a pre-agreed agreement for Cristiano Ronaldo to move to the Bernabeu by 1 July 09. The truth remain to be seen and rumours about Ronaldo moving to Real Mardrid will continues.

Milan supporter will feel disappointed that their best player will be leaving San Siro. Milan will be short of attacking options if Kaka is to leave Milan. Pato has not leave up to the expectation and Ronaldinho performance was far from his best. Filipo Inzaghi is in twilight of his career and his contribution for next season seem to be limited.

Selling Kaka for a world record fee might be a good business decission. The money gain, can be used for purchase of several decent signing to strengthen the squad. Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor seem to attract intrest from Milan. Adebayor tranfer could cost Milan £17.5 million, just a fraction of Kaka transfer fee. Milan could strengthen the defence after the retirement of Paolo Maldini with the money from Real Madrid. I am not sure whether Adebayor will deliver the goals for Milan or not? He seem to have reputation of missing chances in front of goals.

As replacement to Carlo Ancelotti, Leornado is given a tough task of rebulding Milan after the departure of their long service captain Paolo Maldni and best player Kaka. How is he going to cope with the departure of Kaka? Chelsea are willing to forked out £30 million to get Pato service. Should Pato also leave to Chelsea, Leornado will have to deal with the consequences of replacing 2 of his best attacking players at the same time.


King of Europe

Barcelona, The King of Europe

Champions League soccer has already ended. Barcelona emerge victorious in this season tournament. Barcelona is the king of Europe, beating Man Utd 2-0 in the final. Samuel Eto and Lionel Messi were on the score sheet on that day.

With this result, Messi will surely a strong candidate for next season European and World player of the year awards. Now, soccer in Europe will go into hibernation and will resume in August.

That's all for now. See you all next season.


Slime Soccer News: Champions League Finalist

Both Champions League Semifinal matches ended with the outcome as I have expected. Man Utd vs Barcelona will meet in Rome later this month. However, both matches semifinal has their own type of conclusion and suspense.

1) Arsenal 1 vs Man Utd 3
Man Utd qualify for final (4-1 on aggregate)
When Park Ji Sung scored the first goal, Arsenal make themselves in a more difficult situation as they need to score twice to go through. Man Utd have the game firmly in control, taking on Arsenal on the break. When Cristiano Ronaldo scored United second goal from a stunning 40-yard free-kick, by then it was not in any doubt that which team will qualify for the final.
Cristiano Ronaldo scored his second goals in the 61st-minute. The only setback for Man Utd was the sending off of Daren Fletcher after a foul on Cess Frabregas in the penalty box. The referee awarded Arsenal a penalty and send off Fletcher in the process. Robin Van Persi restore some pride to the home team by scoring the penalty. But it prove too little to late for an Arsenal comeback.

2) Chelsea 1 vs Barcelona 1
Barcelona qualify for final on away goals rule (1-1 on aggregate)
The second semifinal was full of twist and drama. Chelsea accused Norwegian referee, Tom Henning Ovrebo, robbed them a place in the Champions League Final. Chelsea was denied 4 penalty claimed by Tom Ovrebo. At least one of the 3 situations look genuine but the other 3 were not really that obvious, is a fifty-fifty situation. The penalty that the refreee failed to give was the hand ball by Gerard Pique after Nicholas Anelka flicked from a through pass. After the game, Pique admitted the ball touched his hand but it was not intentional.

Michael Essien has given Chelsea the lead on the 9 minutes with a thunderous volley. When Eric Abidal was send off in the 66 minutes, Chelsea look set to set up a repeat of last year Champions League Final with Man Utd. However, ten-men Barcelona managed to snatch a goal on the 93rd-minute to knock Chlsea out in the cruellest fashions.

But we can not take any thing out from Barcelona display from the 2 legged semifinal. In the second game, ten-men Bracelona actually maintained a 71% ball possession compare to Chelsea 29%. Eventhough Barcelona was fortunate from some of the referee's decisions, we have to praised their never say die attitude. In the end, Chelsea failure to score a second goal cost them dearly as Andrea Iniesta strucked the all important away-goal in 3 minutes deep into the injury time.

The whole world is awaiting the mouth watering clash between Barcelona and Manchester United on the May 27. Everyone are looking forward for the battle between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for the best player in the world at the moment.

Slime Soccer News: Champions League Semifinal

2009 Champions League Semifinal Second Leg Review

From now onwards, I would like to add some latest soccer news and my opinion about the latest soccer matches from around the world in to this slime soccer site. I am a die hard soccer fan and I watch soccer every weekend. English Premier League, Spanish Primera Liga and Italian Serie A are 3 of the leagues that I like most. I supported Ac Milan and it is sad that they are not in the competition this season.

This season Champions League has almost reached the climax stage. The four teams left in the competition are Manchester United (last year winner), Chelsea (last year finalist), Barcelona and Arsenal. Barcelona becomes the only non English club that still remains in the competition. However, their second leg encounter with Chelsea does not put them in the driving seat after both teams drew 0-0 in Nou Camp.

In the semifinal, Man Utd beat Arsenal 1-0 at Old Trafford to gain the upper hand over their rival. It looks like Man Utd is going to Rome and competes for the title of "Best of Europe" for second season running. They have a good change to retain the title they won last season.

Barcelona 5 stars performance on the weekend by demolishing Real Madrid might strike fear into Chelsea stubborn defense. The game against Real Madrid might just boost the morale and confidence of Barcelona players. Chelsea also won at the weekend in the league, beating Fulham 3-1. I predicted that the second leg between Chelsea and Barcelona will end in draw at Stamford Bridge but Barcelona will go through via away goals rule. It is very hard to stop Messi and his team mate from scoring for the second consecutive game.

Man Utd will not have any big problem against Arsenal after beating them 1-0 last week. They have the ability to get the result needed to ensure that they qualify for the final. Both teams won their league encounter during the weekend without stretching too much of their resource as both teams has their eyes firmly on the mid week fixture. However, I do not write Arsenal out from the race as anything can happen in the game of soccer. The game is not finished until the final whistle is blown. So sit back and enjoy the suspense and excitement of the Champions League semifinal second leg.

Hope you enjoy reading Slime Soccer News and feel free to add any comments for the above to topic.

Slime Soccer for Two Players

Play Slime Soccer with your friend

Soccer is one of the most famous game on earth. Therefore, it is very obvious that slime game will surely come up with its own version of soccer game. In 2002, born Slime Soccer or World Cup Soccer Slime as it was known. It was created by Quin Pedragon, and you can read about the history of slime soccer in the earlier post.

You can choose your favorite nation to represent in slime soccer. Here are the list of the national team of slime soccer Brazil, England, Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Australia, Cameroon, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Mexico, France, USA, Italy, Japan, Rusia, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Ireland, Saudi, Senegal, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey and Uruguay, about 31 nations.

After both you and your friend have chosen your team you can start the game. Select the length for a game which both of you have agreed on. The duration of the game start from 1 minutes to maximum of 8 minutes for each game. After each game, the team who score the most game will be declare as the winner.

Use the following key button to control your slime and score goals.
At Title Screen:
Press 6 to toggle superslimeness.
'B' to toggle double-buffering (makes it slower but not flickery).
S/K to change identity to your favourite World Cup side.
Player 1: Left - A, Jump - W, Right - D, Grab - S.
Player 2: Left - J, Jump - I, Right - L, Grab - K.

The following pictures show a game of slime soccer between England vs Cameroon. Here are some special rule about the game. A team will be penalized if the team reverse and stay within the goal area, indicated by white line below the goal post. This is call "pinged for goal hanging" and penalized by 1 goal.

The second picture shows that Cameroon has scored to tie the game at 2 -2.

At the final whistle, Cameroon managed to beat England in the Slime Soccer game 4-3.

This is the friendly game between two nation or two players Slime Soccer.
Please read the next post about World Cup Soccer Slime.

Click here to play slime soccer.

Slime Soccer Game

Here are the links to play slime soccer game that I have compiled

1) World Cup Soccer Slime (Earlier version)

2) Super Slime Soccer (Improved version)

How to Play Slime Soccer

Playing Slime Soccer Game Online

Download Java
The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you have Java software install in your computer. Java runtime environment will allows you to play in a secure environment. You can skip this step if your computer has already been installed with Java. Otherwise you go to Java website to download the software.

Select the country of your choice
Next, you will have to select the country you would like to represent.
Use S/K button key to change the identity of the country you like.

Choose how long to play each game
To start the game, you will have to choose the duration that you want to play for the each game. You can choose to play the game for 1 minute, 2 minutes, 4 minutes or 8minutes.

Now you can start playing the game
Or you can choose to play the World Cup Soccer Slime tournament. The tournament begin with a game in the qualifying round which took about 30 seconds. See how far you can go...

Below are the instruction and the keys to play the game.
Keys for Slime Soccer:
Player 1: Left - A, Jump - W, Right - D, Grab - S.
Player 2: Left - J, Jump - I, Right - L, Grab - K.
'B' to toggle double-buffering (makes it slower but not flickery).
Title Screen:
Click a button to decide game length, or choose World Cup Mode
S/K to change identity to your favourite World Cup side.
6 to toggle superslimeness

Now, you can enjoy the game of Slime Soccer.
Watch video on how to play slime soccer.

Slime Soccer Review

Slime Soccer is a very simply and funny Java based soccer game. "Funny" is my opinion and interpretation about the game as not everyone will agreed with me. The game look dull, not as interactive as other type online games but somehow rather it has the charm to attract us to play it.

It might due to the simplicity of the game that hundred of thousand of people are play this game up to today since it humble beginning in 2002. There are several reasons why this "stupid" (some people might use this word to describe this game) game are still played by so many people:

1) Bored and has nothing to do. They just want to past their time with this game.
2) Release tension. People are so tense with their study and hectic daily works as this game serve as a tool to release their tension.
3) and some other unknown reason to us.

Alright, you want to know the reason for me playing this game. Actually, I am more towards the release tension type, as my works is very demanding and pressure. Occasionally, I just have to balance out my inner emotion and psychologically. This blog is not only about slime soccer and it is also a tribute to Quin Pendragon for creating such a simple but wonderful game for our leisure. But be aware! A lot of people get addicted to the game and spend hours playing it.
Slime soccer can be played by one or two player. You can challenge the World Cup Soccer Slime tournament to see how good you are with the game. You do not have be a genius to figure out how to play the game. To win the game, the objective is to score as many goals as possible against your opponent.

Brief history of the game

The slime game was created by three University of Western Australia’s computer science first year students; Quin Pendragon, Daniel Wedge and Clive Gout. Clive Gout found the first slime game in June 1999 on the internet. The first version of the game is a volleyball game with very doggy, terrible graphic and it is only single player game. So in Aug 1999, Quin Pendragon emerges with a two player slime volleyball game. Over the years, slime volleyball tournaments have been organized annually at the university which drew a lot of attention. The game has evolved through out the years with improved version one's.

It was not until May 2002 that Quin Pendragon came out with an idea of slime soccer game. Slime soccer was a hit at that moment and it is still until today, maybe the number of people has reduced slightly. There are others version of slime game such as slime cricket, slime basketball and slime bowling.

Click here to play slime soccer.

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