Slime Soccer for Two Players

Play Slime Soccer with your friend

Soccer is one of the most famous game on earth. Therefore, it is very obvious that slime game will surely come up with its own version of soccer game. In 2002, born Slime Soccer or World Cup Soccer Slime as it was known. It was created by Quin Pedragon, and you can read about the history of slime soccer in the earlier post.

You can choose your favorite nation to represent in slime soccer. Here are the list of the national team of slime soccer Brazil, England, Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Australia, Cameroon, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Mexico, France, USA, Italy, Japan, Rusia, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Ireland, Saudi, Senegal, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey and Uruguay, about 31 nations.

After both you and your friend have chosen your team you can start the game. Select the length for a game which both of you have agreed on. The duration of the game start from 1 minutes to maximum of 8 minutes for each game. After each game, the team who score the most game will be declare as the winner.

Use the following key button to control your slime and score goals.
At Title Screen:
Press 6 to toggle superslimeness.
'B' to toggle double-buffering (makes it slower but not flickery).
S/K to change identity to your favourite World Cup side.
Player 1: Left - A, Jump - W, Right - D, Grab - S.
Player 2: Left - J, Jump - I, Right - L, Grab - K.

The following pictures show a game of slime soccer between England vs Cameroon. Here are some special rule about the game. A team will be penalized if the team reverse and stay within the goal area, indicated by white line below the goal post. This is call "pinged for goal hanging" and penalized by 1 goal.

The second picture shows that Cameroon has scored to tie the game at 2 -2.

At the final whistle, Cameroon managed to beat England in the Slime Soccer game 4-3.

This is the friendly game between two nation or two players Slime Soccer.
Please read the next post about World Cup Soccer Slime.

Click here to play slime soccer.

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