Slime Soccer Review

Slime Soccer is a very simply and funny Java based soccer game. "Funny" is my opinion and interpretation about the game as not everyone will agreed with me. The game look dull, not as interactive as other type online games but somehow rather it has the charm to attract us to play it.

It might due to the simplicity of the game that hundred of thousand of people are play this game up to today since it humble beginning in 2002. There are several reasons why this "stupid" (some people might use this word to describe this game) game are still played by so many people:

1) Bored and has nothing to do. They just want to past their time with this game.
2) Release tension. People are so tense with their study and hectic daily works as this game serve as a tool to release their tension.
3) and some other unknown reason to us.

Alright, you want to know the reason for me playing this game. Actually, I am more towards the release tension type, as my works is very demanding and pressure. Occasionally, I just have to balance out my inner emotion and psychologically. This blog is not only about slime soccer and it is also a tribute to Quin Pendragon for creating such a simple but wonderful game for our leisure. But be aware! A lot of people get addicted to the game and spend hours playing it.
Slime soccer can be played by one or two player. You can challenge the World Cup Soccer Slime tournament to see how good you are with the game. You do not have be a genius to figure out how to play the game. To win the game, the objective is to score as many goals as possible against your opponent.

Brief history of the game

The slime game was created by three University of Western Australia’s computer science first year students; Quin Pendragon, Daniel Wedge and Clive Gout. Clive Gout found the first slime game in June 1999 on the internet. The first version of the game is a volleyball game with very doggy, terrible graphic and it is only single player game. So in Aug 1999, Quin Pendragon emerges with a two player slime volleyball game. Over the years, slime volleyball tournaments have been organized annually at the university which drew a lot of attention. The game has evolved through out the years with improved version one's.

It was not until May 2002 that Quin Pendragon came out with an idea of slime soccer game. Slime soccer was a hit at that moment and it is still until today, maybe the number of people has reduced slightly. There are others version of slime game such as slime cricket, slime basketball and slime bowling.

Click here to play slime soccer.

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