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2009 Champions League Semifinal Second Leg Review

From now onwards, I would like to add some latest soccer news and my opinion about the latest soccer matches from around the world in to this slime soccer site. I am a die hard soccer fan and I watch soccer every weekend. English Premier League, Spanish Primera Liga and Italian Serie A are 3 of the leagues that I like most. I supported Ac Milan and it is sad that they are not in the competition this season.

This season Champions League has almost reached the climax stage. The four teams left in the competition are Manchester United (last year winner), Chelsea (last year finalist), Barcelona and Arsenal. Barcelona becomes the only non English club that still remains in the competition. However, their second leg encounter with Chelsea does not put them in the driving seat after both teams drew 0-0 in Nou Camp.

In the semifinal, Man Utd beat Arsenal 1-0 at Old Trafford to gain the upper hand over their rival. It looks like Man Utd is going to Rome and competes for the title of "Best of Europe" for second season running. They have a good change to retain the title they won last season.

Barcelona 5 stars performance on the weekend by demolishing Real Madrid might strike fear into Chelsea stubborn defense. The game against Real Madrid might just boost the morale and confidence of Barcelona players. Chelsea also won at the weekend in the league, beating Fulham 3-1. I predicted that the second leg between Chelsea and Barcelona will end in draw at Stamford Bridge but Barcelona will go through via away goals rule. It is very hard to stop Messi and his team mate from scoring for the second consecutive game.

Man Utd will not have any big problem against Arsenal after beating them 1-0 last week. They have the ability to get the result needed to ensure that they qualify for the final. Both teams won their league encounter during the weekend without stretching too much of their resource as both teams has their eyes firmly on the mid week fixture. However, I do not write Arsenal out from the race as anything can happen in the game of soccer. The game is not finished until the final whistle is blown. So sit back and enjoy the suspense and excitement of the Champions League semifinal second leg.

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