Kaka on his way to Real Madrid

Recent development has suggested that Kaka is on his way to Real Madrid. The deal appear almost a certainty. It will break the previous transfer record of £47 million Real Madrid paid for Zinedine Zidane. The transfer fee is estimate around £62 million.

Florentino Perez is still making his way for another major signing a part from Kaka deal. He is preparing to launch a staggering £75 million bid for Cristiano Ronaldo, the current World Player of The Year. There were claims that Manchester United and Real Madrid has a pre-agreed agreement for Cristiano Ronaldo to move to the Bernabeu by 1 July 09. The truth remain to be seen and rumours about Ronaldo moving to Real Mardrid will continues.

Milan supporter will feel disappointed that their best player will be leaving San Siro. Milan will be short of attacking options if Kaka is to leave Milan. Pato has not leave up to the expectation and Ronaldinho performance was far from his best. Filipo Inzaghi is in twilight of his career and his contribution for next season seem to be limited.

Selling Kaka for a world record fee might be a good business decission. The money gain, can be used for purchase of several decent signing to strengthen the squad. Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor seem to attract intrest from Milan. Adebayor tranfer could cost Milan £17.5 million, just a fraction of Kaka transfer fee. Milan could strengthen the defence after the retirement of Paolo Maldini with the money from Real Madrid. I am not sure whether Adebayor will deliver the goals for Milan or not? He seem to have reputation of missing chances in front of goals.

As replacement to Carlo Ancelotti, Leornado is given a tough task of rebulding Milan after the departure of their long service captain Paolo Maldni and best player Kaka. How is he going to cope with the departure of Kaka? Chelsea are willing to forked out £30 million to get Pato service. Should Pato also leave to Chelsea, Leornado will have to deal with the consequences of replacing 2 of his best attacking players at the same time.

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