Free Soccer Games: Super Slime Soccer

In the previous post of free soccer games, I talk about earlier version of slime soccer game and recommended one of the improved version of slime soccer that I discovered while looking for more interesting online soccer games. The Super Slime Soccer which was created by Mollerhoj can be downloaded to your personal computer. In my previous post I posted the link to download the game but did not talk much about the free soccer game. Today, I am going to introduce a bit about this game.

Super Slime Soccer

This version of slime soccer game has very beautiful and interesting background graphic compared to the plain background of the earlier version. The game play is very much the same and do not differ a lot. You still use the four essential arrow key to move your slime character around. However, in this version you will need to " space bar" for the slime character special ability. The special ability is the main attraction for Super Slime Soccer.

One of the most interesting features of Super Slime Soccer is that each slime character has its own special ability. Each time you uses the special ability (by pressing “space bar”) cost you energy. The energy level is shown by energy bar at the top of the screen. If you do not have enough energy, you can not use the special ability. The slime will regenerate the energy according to rules of energy regeneration.

So what does it means by rules of energy regeneration?
Every time you used your super slime special ability, the energy bar will reduce. However, you are able to regain back your energy level over time. When the energy bar reaches half, it will generate faster thus you are able to use your special ability again.

Some of the special ability is:
1) Archer Slime
2) Clock Slime
3) Ice Slime
4) Twin Slime
5) Runner Slime
6) Water Slime

Below is an example of Ice Slime in action, using its special ability. Ice Slime is able to make the ball to temporary float in the air. Thus, the ball takes more time to drop down to the ground. So when the ball drops back to the ground, you can take advantage of the situation.

Super Slime Soccer by Mollerhoj is highly recommended by the Slime Master. Go to download this free online soccer game right now. In the coming post, I am going to write more attractive online free soccer games that I have discovered lately.

Download link: Click Here
Watch demo for Super Slime Soccer

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