How to Play Slime Soccer

Playing Slime Soccer Game Online

Download Java
The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you have Java software install in your computer. Java runtime environment will allows you to play in a secure environment. You can skip this step if your computer has already been installed with Java. Otherwise you go to Java website to download the software.

Select the country of your choice
Next, you will have to select the country you would like to represent.
Use S/K button key to change the identity of the country you like.

Choose how long to play each game
To start the game, you will have to choose the duration that you want to play for the each game. You can choose to play the game for 1 minute, 2 minutes, 4 minutes or 8minutes.

Now you can start playing the game
Or you can choose to play the World Cup Soccer Slime tournament. The tournament begin with a game in the qualifying round which took about 30 seconds. See how far you can go...

Below are the instruction and the keys to play the game.
Keys for Slime Soccer:
Player 1: Left - A, Jump - W, Right - D, Grab - S.
Player 2: Left - J, Jump - I, Right - L, Grab - K.
'B' to toggle double-buffering (makes it slower but not flickery).
Title Screen:
Click a button to decide game length, or choose World Cup Mode
S/K to change identity to your favourite World Cup side.
6 to toggle superslimeness

Now, you can enjoy the game of Slime Soccer.
Watch video on how to play slime soccer.


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