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In the previous post, I have explained in more detail about Super Slime Soccer, one of my favorite downloadable free soccer games. You are able to play the game on your personal computer or laptop after downloading the game (to download click at below recommended link below the post). It is the one of the most interesting advance version of slime soccer game. The slimes characters in this slime game have special attributes and power. The power is used to help them achieved victory in the game. Different slime has it own special feature.

Introduction to Yahoo Japan Soccer Game
This post is about another free soccer game that I want to introduce to everyone here. Yahoo Japan Soccer game is developed by Yahoo Japan. It is a very interactive online soccer game. You have top play the game online at Yahoo Games Japan website.

How to play Yahoo Japan Soccer Game

This is a simple game and you can pick it up in just a few minutes. Everything about the game is good but the only setback about the game is it comes in Japanese language. Thus it is very difficult for those who do not know how to read Japanese words to handle the interface or choosing any options. Here is how you play this online soccer game at Yahoo Games site.

Basic Features
It is a single player soccer game. Basically, you choose a team and compete against the other teams. It comes in tournament mode, whereby you advance to the subsequent round after beating an opponent. If you are able to beat all then you will be crowned champion.
In another word, it is a knock-out type of competition.

Step 1: Select country
First, you must select the team that you want to represent. There are 6 countries where you can choose from.
1) Brazil
2) Japan
3) Turkey
4) Argentina
5) Italy
6) Germany

Step 2: Choose your tactics
After selecting the country of your choice, you are required to choose a tactic that you the team play. There are 3 types of tactics that you can choose from
1) 4-2-4 formation, your players are spread around the field. It gives you the strength in the both left and right flanks during attacking. Both wingers will move up and down until three quarter of the field.
2) 3-1-2-4 formation, this is a very attacking formation. 4 players are situated at the opponent’s area. It is the most attacking tactic among the three formations.
3) 3-4-3, compact at the middle of the field and also during defending. It is a more defensive approach to the game. How ever, 2 midfield players are going to support the 3 attackers during counter attack. They will drop back to help the defense when opponent have the ball.

Basic Function Keys
You are required to use mouse to move the players around. The player under your control has an arrow pointing on him. The player will move according to your cursor location. To zoom in closer to the player, you just have to point the cursor at the player or closer to the player. While to zoom out, point the cursor away from the player. Thus, you do not have to use the keyboard. To pass, shoot and tackle is also by pressing the left click on the mouse. Point at the place/goal where you want to pass/shoot the ball, then press and released the left click of the mouse.

Start The Game

Winning Moment
This is what you get when you win the tournament.

My search for interesting free soccer games continues and next post will sure have more attractive soccer game.

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