FIFA Confederation Cup 2009

FIFA Confederation Cup 2009 - A Rehearsal for South Africa World Cup 2010

The FIFA Confederation Cup 2009 is going to kick-off today. South Africa will host this year competition. The competition will actually act as a rehearsal for next year FIFA World Cup which will be hosted by South Africa. 32 teams from all around the world will travel to South Africa to compete in the FIFA World Cup 2010 Final. It will be a huge event watch by billions of people around the world. 8 teams from continents across the globe will be competing in the FIFA Confederation Cup. The competition consists of teams from winners from respective continents, current FIFA World Cup winner, and host nation for the next FIFA World Cup. This will enable FIFA t further evaluate the readiness of facilities such as stadiums, media center, accommodations and transportations for next year FIFA World Cup. Any needed improvement still can be done before the start of one of the world biggest and popular event.

Here is the list of the competing nations for FIFA Confederation Cup 2009.
1) South Africa - Host
2) Italy - World Cup Winner
3) Brazil - South American Champion
4) Spain - European Champion
5) USA - North and Central American Champion
6) Egypt - African Champion
7) Iraq - Asian Champion
8) New Zealand - Oceania Champion

The 8 nations are divided into 2 groups. In Group A, we have Spain, the European Champion and host nation South Africa. Both are expected to qualify from this group. Spain is on a 32 matches unbeaten run and rank first in FIFA world ranking. Iraq and New Zealand are the remaining teams in the group. All the 3 teams should not posses any threat to Spain and they should not have any obstacles topping the group. Spain should qualify for next year final in South Africa. New Zeland will have to go through play-off with a team from Asia to see who go through. Iraq already knock-out from the final stage of Asia qualifying round.

Group B consists of Italy, Brazil, USA and Egypt. Predicting the two teams to qualify seems easy, Italy and Brazil. But USA and Egypt are not easy meat either, both teams have the ability to produce upset results. Brazil seems vulnerable in South America's World Cup qualifying matches. Even though they top the group, it was a hard fought matches all the way. Italy does not seem impressive lately but they manage to get results to top their World Cup qualifying group as well. USA and Egypt also still in the running for places for next year competition. But Egypt are bottom of their group and very likely to miss out next year competition. USA is doing better are in a better position to qualify for nest year, which I think they should not have any problem with.

Group A
1) Spain
2) South Africa
3) New Zealand
4) Iraq

Group B
1) Italy
2) Brazil
3) USA
4) Egypt

Here are the mathces for the FIFA Confederation Cup 2009 in South Africa. We will be able to see some of the contenders for next year FIFA World Cup 2010 in action.

All he current headlines are devoted to Perez's mission f assembling the new Galactico team but this competiton will shift the attention from the two major transfer news at the moment Cristiano Ronaldo moves to Real Madrid and Kaka transfer to Real Madrid.

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